Hiking in Saalbach Hinterglemm

Where the happiness lives in hiking boots

Nothing brings you closer to untouched nature and yourself than a day in hiking boots. Get on the trail with your loved ones and conquer Saalbach's mountain world with a large portion of lightness in your luggage. Surrounded by shady forests and picturesque alpine meadows, you'll hike past crystal-clear mountain lakes and cozy alpine pastures, up gentle mountain ridges and peaks with great views.

The entire network of hiking trails is well signposted and is sure to lead you to the summit of your dreams. If you want to spare yourself the strenuous climb, simply use the Joker Card and ride one of the 6 mountain railroads to the top - so you can enjoy the fantastic mountain scenery of Saalbach in complete relaxation.

A hiking vacation full of possibilities

If you want to challenge yourself with like-minded people, it's best to get involved in the Saalbach Hiking Challenge or set out to conquer the Seven Summits. The Pinzgau Walk is also a "must do" for anyone who loves long-distance hiking.

Also pleasure hikers and walkers get their full worth with us in Saalbach. Numerous walking and theme trails invite you to pause and marvel. Afterwards an enjoyable stop at the hut with a delicious snack and a refreshing drink - and your epicurean heart will beat faster.

Hiking in Saalbach is easy

Discovering the mountain world in Saalbach Hinterglemm in a playful way is child's play and a real adventure for the whole family. Simply insert JOKER CARD and discover the adventure playground nature for you.

Delicious delicacy

The best reward after an active hike is undoubtedly the enjoyable snack. Stop at one of the 40 huts and alpine pastures in the region and treat yourself to a real delicacy.

Mountain glamping & guided hikes

Would you like to feel nature up close with your girls while mountain glamping or discover new paths together with your loved ones on a guided tour? Take a look at the weekly program right now.

Follow your inner compass and experience pure nature moments.

On hot summer days, crystal clear mountain streams, mountain lakes and reservoirs provide wonderful refreshment on the mountain. Often they are scenic energy spots where you can cool down your tired hiking calves, revitalize yourself and recharge your batteries especially well.

We ourselves love to be out and about with our children in the mountains of our homeland and enjoy genuine moments in nature. A special passion of ours is to hike towards the sunrise before breakfast or to picnic in nature after a leisurely hike.

If you are also looking for a real nature moment, please let us know.
We'll be happy to tell you exactly where to find our favorite spots.

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